Three Well-Known Companies Are Using AR in Their Bottled Goods.

Top brands all around the world have started adopting augmented reality (AR) technology in recent years. They make use of it to give their customers fascinating and distinctive experiences. The bottle with a hook is one item that frequently makes use of AR technology. We’ll examine at some of the major companies that include AR in bottled goods.

What is the well-known company?

One of the well-known companies using augmented reality (AR) technology in its bottled beverages is Coca-Cola. Customers might now find their names on a Coca-Cola bottle thanks to the “Share a Coke” initiative they started. They’ve also added an augmented reality function to their app that enables customers to scan a QR code on a bottle to access an experience that includes an animation based on their name. Using the camera on their smartphone, users may view the animation, which shows an animated image moving over a Coca-Cola bottle. These interactions give Coca-Cola customers a distinctive and memorable experience, strengthening their bond with the company’s brand.

Pepsi also uses AR in their bottled products. they launched a “Live for Now” campaign which allows customers to find a QR code on their bottle to unlock augmented reality experiences featuring exclusive content such as concerts and parties.

During the world cup, Millo ran an augmented reality (AR) promotion for their product in which soccer player figures would appear on their bottles, making youngsters happy of course.


Top brands are searching for strategies to set themselves apart from rivals in the modern marketing landscape and offer customers interesting and distinctive experiences.