Augmented Reality

See It To Believe It

AR Solutions for Sales & Marketing

Augmented reality (AR) is an emerging trend in marketing and sales strategies. It allows brands to give customers unique experiences with the convenience of tapping into their mobile devices. AR is a powerful tool when it comes to customer engagement, driving sales and enhancing brand value through mobile devices. 

AR Human Holograms

Get your message across by sending a human hologram! Holograms can be placed in a physical or digital space, and viewed through a a mobile app or your browser. They can be used for: Announcements, Virtual training, Product Walk-through Demos, In-store Demonstration, Brand Ambassadors, Augmented Packaging, Augmented Marketing Collaterals, and much more!

AR Smart Packaging

AR Smart Packaging creates a new and innovative marketing channel, bringing brands to life! Keep customers engaged through how-to tutorials and helpful tips to increase product usage, along with raising brand awareness, cross-promoting, sharing exciting promotional offers, and more!

AR Portals

Parallel universes made possible: Place a virtual door in your room, walk through it and and discover 360 degree virtual rooms! They can be used for Virtual visits to Stores, Real Estate, Showrooms, Museums & Art galleries, Tourism Spots, just to name a few!

AR Filters

Promote, Market and Advertise your product in a fun way that connects directly with your audience with the use of AR Filters. This powerful tool has been very successful in creating buzz and engagement for brands since the audience are happy to share their experiences on their social network.

Why AR for Marketing?

Enhances Product Packaging

Wow your customers with an innovative packaging experience.

Efficient Retargeting

Directly retarget the end consumer making ad-spend a lot more efficient. Up-sell and cross-sell relevant products within the experience.

Improves Brand Loyalty

Continuously engage with your customers, solidifying the relationship.

Activates, Engages, Retains

Develop a memorable and unique communication channel with your audience.

Go Viral

Engaging and interactive content can be shared by your audience resuting in an invaluable buzz around your brand.

Reduces Return Rates

Reassure your customers of their purchase by providing transparent, and accessible information.