Exploring Cultural Heritage Digitally

Exploring Cultural Heritage Digitally

One of the significant organizations in the fields of education and culture is the museum. We may view and study collections of historical items and artefacts in museums, which are highly helpful for comprehending our history and culture. However, in order to stop the COVID-19 virus from spreading over the world, museums have forced to lock their doors. As a result, the idea of virtual tours at museums offers us a way to experience cultural heritage online. We’ll talk about virtual museum tours in this article. starting with the definition, advantages, and creation of a virtual tour. In addition, we’ll talk about various instances of virtual tours in well-known museums.

What is a Virtual Tour in a Museum?

A virtual tour is an interactive, online traveling experience that takes place on a platform like a website or app. By moving the pointer or touching buttons on the screen, virtual tours at museums let tourists peruse collections of antiques and historical items that are on display. Virtual tours at museums are frequently replete with descriptions of all the items on show.

For those who have physical restrictions or find it difficult to visit museums in person, virtual tours provide accessibility. They may go over the museum’s collections without ever leaving their homes thanks to a virtual tour.

Visitors may engage in an entertaining and participatory experience with a virtual tour. Visitors to a virtual tour can direct their own path while roaming and decide which items they wish to examine in greater depth. Visitors may also engage with the exhaustive details and descriptions that are present in each object.

Additionally, virtual tours can improve visitors’ interest in museum exhibits. Visitors may gain a deeper understanding of the museum’s treasures and the history behind them with detailed information and descriptions. Visitors’ interest in and curiosity about the already-present cultural legacy may grow as a result.


We may now digitally examine cultural heritage in the middle of the worldwide COVID-19 epidemic thanks to virtual tours offered by institutions. The concept of virtual tours, their advantages, their creation, and some real-world instances of virtual tours at renowned museums have all been covered in this article. It is envisaged that visitors will be able to continue learning and experiencing new things without leaving their homes by taking a virtual tour of the museum.

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