Augmented Reality

See It To Believe It

AR/VR for Training & Learning

Using Augmented and Virtual Reality as a learning tool is surging in popularity worldwide, whether it be in schools or in the corporate world. Through AR and VR, educators are able to improve learning outcomes through increased engagement and interactivity. And that’s just for starters! Multiple research has shown that information absorption and retention is improved by over 25% when demonstrably presented vs audibly presented. 

At InReality Solutions, we can create demonstrable, step-by-step instructional presentations in AR & VR to help improve the training/learning experience for students & professionals.

Benefits of using Augmented & Virtual Reality in Education & Training:

  • Increase knowledge area
  • Active experience rather than just passive information
  • Helps to understand complex concepts, subjects or theories
  • No distractions while the study
  • Boosts students creativity
  • Expands learners efficiency to gain knowledge
  • Increase Interest toward boring/mundane subjects 
  • Improve the understanding level of students
  • Improve teaching skills in teachers using AR & VR by providing a deep level of knowledge.
  • Improving memory power by connecting feelings with education.
  • It takes very little time to understand very complex topics.
  • Learn concepts and theories by connecting with the actual environment and practicals.
  • Fun, Virtual tour and existing game-based education.
  • Improve a Student’s Imagination power