Augmented Reality Way to Guide Customers to Install Products

Augmented Reality Way to Guide Customers to Install Products

Customers can be guided more precisely and conveniently when installing a product using augmented reality (AR). Here are the general steps involved in using AR to guide customers to install products:

  1. Customer must first own an AR-capable device, such as a tablet or smartphone with a camera.
  2. Customers must download AR applications provided by product manufacturers or third parties  who work with manufacturers.
  3. When the application is installed, the client may launch the application and pick the product to be installed.
  4. The consumer must then position the item in the proper location and choose either “install” or “view in AR.”
  5. The AR application will then display product images within the customer’s environment using the device’s camera. Customers can rotate, zoom or pan the product image to place it in the desired position.
  6. Furthermore, the AR application can provide step-by-step guidance to install the product properly. These guidelines can be in the form of signs and visual instructions that appear on the customer’s device screen.
  7. Customers can follow the guide and install the product correctly. In some cases, augmented reality (AR) applications can also offer assistance in the form of voiceovers or instructional videos to make it easier for customers to install products.


By using AR technology to guide customers to install products, customers can save time and effort in installing their products. Also, the usage of augmented reality (AR) may enhance customers’ interactions with items and offer them a more contemporary and inventive perception.

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